Andonios Dalgas, (1892-1945) was a Rembetiko (Greek Blues) singer of the nineteen twenties and thirties and is among the most gifted vocalists of the twentieth century.  Dalgas is the Turkish word for "wave," and appears to have been the stage or nickname for Andonios Diamandithes.   He escaped with his life to Greece when fleeing the Ottoman Empire's genocidal campaign in 1919 against the non-Muslim population of Asia Minor. 

As a child, this event was often euphemistically referred to as the, "diaspora" by my father.  According to written record, many Christians were burned alive in their homes, driven into the seas to drown, disemboweled in the streets where they lived - and much, much, worse.  While many survived, it was the Armenian, Assyrian, and Kurdish populations who suffered the most.

''Who today remembers the extermination of the Armenians?'' - Hitler, August 22, 1939

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"Muslims are usually insistent that other religious communities have always been treated with respect and dignity by true Muslim rulers.  It is therefore pertinent to examine Islamic history to test the authenticity of this claim.

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