Saturday August 26th through Wednesday August 30th, 2006.
Took the the 15 North to 395 to Reno from San Diego.  Reno to Gerlach, Nevada. 
Nine miles from there to an enormous dry lake which hosts the Burning Man event.

Through the Sierra-Nevada Mountains (well, part of them), great little towns, past a herd of elk, volcanic rock formations, snow packs on mountains, Lake Mono, predawn at Burning Man, setting up the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors dome, lots of interesting people and their respective visions, quite a bit of airborne dust. 
I returned home via the same route. 

Would I go again and stay for the full adventure?
You bet! I will. Next year, if I am able.
Burning Man  is too unique to describe and has to be experienced.
Sorry that I could not stay for the full experience.

Special thanks to Alex and Allyson Grey who provided me with the opportunity to
attend Burning Man, and who made the light installation there possible!
Thank you to Alex for taking my picture so I could see how goofy I looked to the rest of the world.

An extremely heartfelt thank you to Zachariah Gregory for braving playa dust, traffic,
and a bleating illuminated unicorn, to help set up and take down my light installation.
Part 1  and Part 2

Next, Latvia for two Full Moon light installations.

































peter terezakis at burnin man 2006

terezakis burning man 2006

terezakis burningman

terezakis entheon village

terezakis alex grey



peter terezakis at burning man 2006

terezakis at burning man

terezakis alex grey allyson grey zena grey at burning man
terezakis alex grey

terezakis alex grey burning man

terezakis alex grey burningman